Oreo fudge

Both of my goddaughters chose a trest to make for today’s visit (and a baking video too).  Sara chose fudge with oreos. This is what I call “cheater fudge”.  3 ingredients.  Woo hoo! You can also put in candy, nuts etc if you want.

Ingredients – 2 cups chocolate chips, 14 oz can condensed milk, oreos

Directions – In microwave safe bowl, melt chips and condensed milk for 1 minute, or until you can stir melted.  Spread in a pan sprayed with Pam (8×8 for thicker fudge,  9×13 for thunger fudge.  Press oreos (or candy) in top ao that each piece of fudge has and oreo in the center.  Store in covered container.  


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