Stuffed Monster Cookies

For the first time ever, Rob and I ran out of candy on Halloween! 250 candy bars gone by 730!  I had to work until 7, so Rob was solo!  No leftover candy meant I needed to go buy candy today to bake with.  I chose an easy monster cookie stuffed with mini panut butter cups and mini peanut butter Snickers.  I actually stuffed 2 candies  in each cookie.  😋  The recipe is from Betty Crocker and uses 2 of her cookie mixes.

Ingredients – 17.5 oz peanut butter cookie mix, 17.5 oz chcolate chip cookie mix, 1/ 1/2 cups quick oats (uncooked), 3 eggs, 1 cup butter (softened), 2 cups m&Ms, candies

Directions – preheat oven to 375.  Line cookie sheets with nonstick baking liners.  Combine cookie mixes, oats, eggs and butter (I needed to use a mixer).  

Add m&Ms. 

Scoop out 1/4 cup cookie dough.  

Place half on the cookie sheet.

  Top with candy. 

 Place other half of dough on top and cover candy completely. 

 Stagger 8 or 9 cookies to a sheet.  

Bake 10-12 minutes.  

Cool completely.  Store in covered container.


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