Happy 3rd anniversary gotcha day, Gracie (and a good life lesson)

Her first day in her new home, 2/24/18

Today is the 3 year anniversary of our “gotcha day” with Gracie. She leaped off of the Rescue Road trips truck and into our lives. Ran right by me, to Rob, jumped on him and gave him a kiss! The funny thing about her is she wasn’t our first choice. The labs4rescue group, that we dealt with, wants you to apply for as many dogs as possible (up to 5) because they’re trying to find them forever homes as quickly as they can. As soon as one is adopted, the group gets three more to find homes for.

Honestly, Gracie was our third choice, and a late addition as I perused the website on Superbowl Sunday one final time. The lady who was in charge of Gracie called Rob 10 minutes after our application was submitted. She called first, so we accepted. I had no idea she was in New Orleans, where she was abandoned in a field, and would not have a chance to meet her before adopting her. We decided to get adopt her.

Three weeks later, we got her,almost six months to the day our beloved Charlie crossed over the rainbow bridge. I was honestly surprised how emotional the gotcha day was for me. I also forgot how tiring a young pup is! I don’t think this little, skinny 6 month old yellow lab had even been in a house before ours and I assume experienced very little love until the Animal Rescue Foundation of New Orleans found her. We trained her and worked with her and got the perfect dog for us.

What she taught me is that sometimes you might not get your plan a or first choice, but your plan b,c,d,etc is still the right one for you and you can be just as happy with. Wishing you love, peace, and kindness. ❤

She has not been this small in a long time☺
Sweet girl
She is a bit bigger now!

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