Goodness Gracie

Why hello there. This is my second full day in my new home in CT.. already, we have gone on two walks, with a third and fourth on the way. On my second walk, there was a small black dog who did not seem to care for me. Christine deduced it was bc he had on a Red Sox collar and she was wearing a Yankee jacket. I also walked around the backyard early today with Rob a bunch of times, tried to eat a stick or two.. I ihad a few puppy fits, ran round in circles with a toy in my mouth like a Tasmanian devil. I was hoping I would get more treats. I mean, I sit down like a good girl all the time, look at Christine and all I hear is ” good sit, Gracie.”. That’s great, but I prefer a milkbone! I have some things to work on, but I am pretty smart and eager to please, so I will be a good pup in no time! Anyways, we are off to the vet soon for a checkup. I am not sure what that is, but I will soon find out. Have a magical Monday, everyone! Love, Gracie


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