Brownie Sandwich Cookies 

Well, we made it through the storm.  Shoveled five times, including one round by Rob to clear a path for Charlie on the deck and backyard.  This pooch (who turns 13 Monday) has been out 15 times today and it is 20 degrees.  For him, the colder, the better.  But we limit him to 10 min each time.  Don’t want those paws to freeze!

Now onto the recipe..

My plan is to make a couple of Valentine’s Day treats, so here is my first one.  It is sooooooo easy.  Just a couple of ingredients for the brownie cookies and I cheated and used canned vanilla frosting  (I was in a hurry) and put in a few drops of red food color to make it pink. 

2 brownie mixes (I used Ghiraradelli),  2 eggs,  2/3 cup oil, 4 tbs water.  Mix together.  You can add some chocolate chips if you want.  Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.  Use an ice cream or cookie scoop to make your cookies, rolling them into mounds     I use the silicone baking sheet on top of my cookie sheets.  It makes things easier with cleanup and I don’t have to worry about spraying the cookie sheets or having anything stick. I arrange them to eight on a sheet.  I bake them for about 11 minutes.  They might seem a little gooey.  I take them out because they continue to cook on the sheet after baking.  Yoi can cook them.longer of you prefer.  Let them cool for 5 minutes on the cookie sheet, then transfer them to a table for the sandwich  making.  After they cool completely, i put a couple of tablespoons of frosting between 2 cookies and voila! 


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